D.C.’s Grand Halloween Masquerade Ball

Halloween Masquerade Ball in D.C.

Get your ballroom gowns and your masquerade masks ready for a night full of mystery 55 Hundred residents because the Zanzibar will be having a grand ball! The Masquerade Ball will be happening on Saturday, October 30th at 9PM. Check out the flyer below for more information. … [Read more...]

Red Bull Will “Wake” You

Wake Board

Here is another event happening this weekend that I am sure will have you on your feet. It's the Red Bull National Wake at the Potomac River. This wake boarding event will feature Red Bull athletes and pro wakeboarders Brian Grubb, Parks Bonifay, JD Webb, and Adam Errington. So if you don't want to head to the Asian Festival this weekend, check out the wake … [Read more...]

Block Party for the Summer

Summer Block Party Flyer

On July 17th, the official ribbing cutting at Village of Leesburg will be happening. The Village of Leesburg is a regional center where you can dine,shop, live, and work. This will also be a big benefit for Loudoun Habitat for Humanity. There will also be a live performance by Elliot Yamin! … [Read more...]

Winter Fun for a Cause…

.... And it's FREE!!! This Thursday be sure to get over to Pentagon Row for the first annual Pentagon Row Ice Skating Gala to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It's from 6-8 PM and features lots of fun activities, besides the Ice Skating, and live entertainment from a variety of artists. Grab some more info here. … [Read more...]

ESPN Adding More Dimension

I love a great movie in 3D.... heck, even a mediocre movie in 3D is awesome! I also love sports...most sports, I should say. I can do without Sumo Wrestling, for instance. This is the year for sports broadcasting. In 2010 ESPN will unveil the industry's first 3D network. I wonder if they'll be broadcasting Sumo Wrestling in 3D? Gosh, hope … [Read more...]