Arlington Arts: Bold New Play “Dying City”


While Arlington may not be known for the arts like New York City, there's still a great culture near your Arlington apartment. Whether it's performing arts or fine arts, you'll always be able to find some event going on celebrating it. Currently playing at Signature Theatre, you have the chance to see Dying City, a play that reviewers are calling … [Read more...]

HaHa at Ri Ra Irish Pub in Arlington

group of friends toasting at rira arlington

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so if you've been feeling blue lately, you should get yourself out to a comedy night! Finding a comic that meshes with your taste can be difficult, but if you go to RiRa, an Irish Pub near your Arlington apartment, you'll get a chance to see 10 different standup comics in one night. Surely one of them will make … [Read more...]

All Electric Cab Fleet Proposed in Arlington

nissan leaf

Going Green is more than just a fad -- it's something we desperately need to do so that we can grant our future generations a comfortable life. There has been a lot of innovation as of late, with hybrid and electric cars coming onto the scene. While it still takes energy from the power plants, which have their own problems, it decreases the amount of … [Read more...]

Help Those in Need in Your Community this Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner

While many families are starting to figure out what they're doing this Thanksgiving, arguing on who gets to cut the turkey or who is hosting, there are some people in Arlington who just aren't that lucky. While family squabbles might seem tough, there are people in our town who are thanking the world for small blessings this year because they have to look at … [Read more...]

Tips to Hosting a Holiday Party in your Arlington Apartment

chinese takeout container

When you're planning a party, one of the most difficult parts is coming up with something for everyone to nosh on. This year, when you're hosting out of your Arlington apartment, pick up delivery from one of these Arlington restaurants, so you don't have to slave away in the kitchen.: Pizza is always a great option if you have a lot of people. Forget … [Read more...]