Kid for a Day: Kickball Meetups in Arlington

Image: Gamma Man via Flickr

Some of the best childhood moments were spent outside with great friends, playing an impromptu game of ball. Revisit these nostalgic times, while getting in a great workout, by joining a game of kickball in Arlington. For a league that combines serious competition with serious fun, try the World Adult Kickball Association. This co-ed league meets weekly … [Read more...]

More Options for $1 Bus Fares Out of DC

Megabus: Expanding to more cities

There's great news about American's traveling more, AAA is reporting travel is up as much as 11%, which is great for the economy.  If you are still doing your best to watch what you spend, yet would like to go visit family or friends, or even go on a quick getaway, can probably help you stay on a budget. is offering bus fares for … [Read more...]

It’s Trip Time!

Beach in India

Are you still trying to plan a summer vacation before the season ends? I am in the same predicament, but I don't want to take a very expensive vacation. I would love to visit the beach, but how do I start my search? Well I was surfing around the web, and I found a great article on Smart Travel. It gives you many useful tips on looking for a summer vacay so … [Read more...]

You Can Still Vacation in the Gulf


Even though the oil spill has happened and a lot of tourists have cancelled their trips to the Gulf, you shouldn't be too quick to overlook the Gulf as a vacation spot. A lot of the towns in the Gulf weren't affected by the spill like vacationers think. With that being said, here are few destinations near the Gulf that are great for vacations. Gulf Shores … [Read more...]

Weekend Getaway


                           If you and your love want to take a nice warm trip away from home this weekend, this may be the trip for you. Found on, a nice romantic trip to Jacksonville, FL. "The Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk, located near the historic San Marco entertainment district, is offering a You and Me … [Read more...]