Thrift Stores near Arlington to Celebrate National Thrift Store Day

It may not look like much, but thrift stores have a lot of fantastic items from clothes to home decor.

National Thrift Store Day is August 17th, and what a better way to celebrate than to check out the shops in Arlington VA. Thrift stores are full of second-hand items at very affordable prices. On a day to celebrate this popular shopping method, you never know what items or deals you will find in the thrift stores near your Arlington apartment.

There are a few thrift stores near the 55 Hundred Luxury Apartment community in Arlington, Virginia. Finder’s Keepers, Goodwill and Columbia Pike Thrift Shop are just a few of the thrift stores near the apartment community. The apartment community is just a short drive away, making it easy and affordable to check out the nearby thrift stores.

The thrift stores will carry a variety of items, such as apparel, jewelry, electronics, DVDs, toys, books, games, decor and furniture. The items are donated by others and offered a lower price than other retail stores. This is great for anyone who needs to shop for specific items while on a budget.

When August 17th approaches, celebrate National Thrift Store Day by checking out the different shops in Arlington VA. You will find a variety of great items at a price you can afford. What is your favorite thrift store in Arlington? Tell us in a comment.

Photo Credit: Columbia Pike Thrift Shop

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