Host an Olympic Viewing Party in Arlington

Invite family and friends over to watch the Olympics in your Arlington, VA apartment.

Many people are going to gather in front of the television to root of the US of A for the Olympics has a number of sports that everyone can enjoy. If you want to invite a few friends over to watch the Olympics with you, you should host an Olympic viewing party in your Arlington apartment. Check out these tips for hosting the party without missing a beat of the Olympics.

  • Make the food for your part a tribute to America with the classics, including burgers, hot dogs, and fries.
  • No games would be complete with an award ceremony to cap off the day. You can purchase or make gold, silver, and bronze “medals” ahead of time for each athletic event you are holding.
  • You can include your own opening ceremonies at your party, complete with an Olympic torch. Give each family or child a specific flag to carry and have them all march around your yard.
  • Go with the American red, white, and blue or focus on the colors of the Olympic rings, which are blue, black, red, yellow, and green. Each country that participates in the Olympics has at least one of these colors in their flag.

The Olympics is a pretty big deal all over the world, and the world has been counting down for it, so invite your family and friends over to watch it with you. What is your favorite Olympic sport?

Source: ParentingSquad

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