Sample Some Great Wine and Cinema at The Arlington Drafthouse!

film morgue

There are several reasons why you should consider taking a trip to the Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse.  Naturally, there are the obvious ones, such as how the drafthouse doubles as a movie theater and restaurant, as well as the fact that 2011 is closing out with some of the year's best movies, including the new Sherlock Holmes, Mission Impossible, and the … [Read more...]

Washington D.C. Networking Event Comes to Arlington!

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With all the major area events that take place in Washington D.C., it's nice to see how the shoe feels on the other foot sometimes. And it feels good! In the last post we talked about a variety of entertainment oriented events that are coming to town.  This coming event has little to do with entertainment.  The December event for the Greater … [Read more...]

Cool Arlington Up Coming Events!

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 Just because it's the holiday season doesn't mean that you have to stay indoors on a cold evening, gathered around an AC vent of a space heater, your hands tightly clenched around a stained mug of steaming cocoa. No one else does that? Just me? Oh well. Anyway, there are several great events coming up in the the next week, ranging from things like … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for Mystery!

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An easy stereotype of how people celebrate the holidays is that when we aren't shuffling around town amidst nigh rabid mobs trying to get the best [and greatest discounted] gifts this holiday season, we're singing holiday hymns [or listening to them in any retail location], roasting chestnuts, or gathering around a cozy fireplace eating … [Read more...]

Chow Down on Some Incredible Hamburgers!

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 Without jumping into a "liberty burgers and dogs" and "freedom fries" spiel, there are few things that more people can associate with contemporary American cuisine than that of a hamburger. The greater irony here is that most of these foods have origins in other countries. Anyway, if you're looking for where the best burgers are in proximity to the … [Read more...]