It’s Time for the Arlington County Fair!

arlington fair

Do you have fond memories of attending the fair every year, eating cotton candy and funnel cake and riding the Ferris wheel? If so hold on to your seat because it's time for the Arlington County Fair! The fair will make its home at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center on South Second Street Wednesday, August 10th. The opening ceremony will take place … [Read more...]

Tattoo Shops in Arlington near 55 Hundred

A tattoo artist drawing a tattoo on a person.

Do you have at least one tattoo, or do any of your close friends or family members? As tattoos have grown more and more popular over the last ten years they have also become more socially accepted. Whether you are a first timer, or you already have a full sleeve, here are a few tattoo shops in Arlington that can help you create the tattoo you've been … [Read more...]

The Best Restaurants in Arlington that Opened in 2011

pupatella pizza

Do you sometimes find yourself less than enthused about cooking after working eight or more hours? If so chances are beeline to the closest fast food chain without a second thought. We feel your pain when it comes to cooking and the monotony of closest fast food restaurant so much that we want to help you out. We won't be cooking you a three course meal … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Rooftop Bars Near Arlington

P.O.V at the W Washington DC

Now that summer is in full swing are you looking for a new way to dine, enjoy happy hour or a night out with friends? If so we recommend you enjoy the rooftop bars near Arlington. Gathering with a few of your favorite people is always good time, but doing so at an elevated level creates a different atmosphere. So if you are looking to do things a little … [Read more...]

Register for the Crystal City Twilighter 5K

Crystal City Twilighter 5k

Are you a serious runner or have you always wanted to run a marathon? If you haven't heard it's almost time for the region’s largest and most exciting twilight summer runs, the Crystal City Twilighter 5K. The run, which is being presented by the Crystal City BID and Pacers, will be taking place Saturday, July 23rd in Arlington marking its fourth … [Read more...]