Supporting the Capital Area Food Bank


In 1980 on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, the Capital Area Food Bank was founded. They pride themselves on being the largest nonprofit hunger resource in the Washington Metro area. On top of providing nutritional education resources, they distribute 23 million pounds of food each year. Programs and Services Offered by Capital Area Food Bank Kids … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Arts in Arlington


Are you a part of Arlington's thriving art community? Are you interested in music, visual arts, dance, film, or theatre? You will definitely want to have a look at the Arlington Arts event calendar. Even if you are not involved in the art scene, you will find plenty to enjoy and keep you entertained as you learn more about the overall art culture in … [Read more...]

Go Green in Your Workplace


You have most likely already integrated plenty of ways to go green in your apartment. You probably already recycle when you can and if you aren't making use of these ideas for new uses for old things from Real Simple, I really encourage you to check them out. So, your home life is covered. But what about work? Are there things in your workplace that could … [Read more...]

Organize Your Apartment with These Low-Cost Ideas


Generally when you read an article or blog post about getting organized, you are given all of these options that look really cool in the photos. Then, you are hit with the price tag. It seems very few of these ideas come with low cost or even free options for organizing your space. Lucky for you, I read Real Simple. So, now I am going to share what I … [Read more...]

Apartment Decor: Spotlight Where You Live


As a resident of Arlington, you have most likely seen and taken pictures of all the sites in and around the city. But, are those photos sitting idle in your camera or on your computer? Why not spruce up your apartment's decor by utilizing them? Go ahead and print out some of your favorite photos from around the city and then create a mural on bare wall in … [Read more...]