Small People get Big Discounts

In a controversial new program, Whole Foods will be rewarding its healthiest workers with larger employee discounts. According to a Whole Foods memo: "The goals of this voluntary program are to encourage and reward Team Members for making healthy, positive lifestyle changes and to reduce the costs of our health plan." I guess the overpriced fish counter, 365 … [Read more...]

Healthy Habit For the Day

Snack Advice Make it simple. Choose two of these three snacks every day for optimal health: a single-serving yogurt (I love nonfat Greek with fruit), an ounce of nuts (I love almonds and pecans), and/or a piece of fruit or a cup of cut fruit or berries. Not only will these snack options improve your weight profile (I promise) — they will also add to … [Read more...]

3 Books for the Budget-Minded Home Cook

Just about everyone is concerned with saving money. These three books, written by a pair of students, a mother of 10, and a restaurant owner, offer recipes and ideas for trimming your monthly grocery bill without sacrificing taste. Click here to learn more. … [Read more...]

Winter Fun for a Cause…

.... And it's FREE!!! This Thursday be sure to get over to Pentagon Row for the first annual Pentagon Row Ice Skating Gala to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It's from 6-8 PM and features lots of fun activities, besides the Ice Skating, and live entertainment from a variety of artists. Grab some more info here. … [Read more...]

Practicing Petiquette


All pet owners consider their pet a part of the family. They bring lots of joy, but they can also cause a bit of mischief at times. The occasional, accidental messes; the shedding; the trash snatching or toilet drinking… all of this can cause additional expenses for pet owners and make life a bit more hectic. Just like our human relationships, there are … [Read more...]